A haploid pseudo-chromosome genome assembly for a keystone sagebrush species (Artemisia tridentata) of western North American rangelands [NCBI BioProject PRJNA795150]

Creators: Anthony E Melton, Andrew W Child, Richard S Beard, Jr, Carlos Dave C Dumaguit, Jennifer S Forbey, Matthew Germino, Marie-Anne de Graaff, Andrew Kliskey, Ilia J Leitch, Peggy Martinez, Stephen J Novak, Jaume Pellicer, Bryce A Richardson, Desiree Self, Marcelo Serpe, Sven Buerki

DOI/URL: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/bioproject/PRJNA795150

Description: Pseudo-chromosome level reference genome assembly for Artemisia tridentata. Sequence data for Artemisia tridentata to support the following Genome Report published in G3 (2022):

All sequence data for this project are available from the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) under BioProject accession number PRJNA795150 and BioSample accession number SAMN24662005. The Whole Genome Shotgun project has been deposited at DDBJ/ENA/GenBank under the accession JAKJXK000000000. All raw sequence files are available from the NCBI SRA database (PacBio long read data SRR17863255 Omni-C proximity-ligation data SRR17863200, SRR17870744 and SRR17870745; Illumina HiSeq short read data SRR17870775 and SRR17863368; RNASeq paired end reads from leaf tissue SRR17779362; RNASeq paired end reads from root tissue SRR17779361).

Genome annotation results and supporting data files are openly available via the G3 Figshare repository at https://doi.org/10.25387/g3.19651260.v1. All software used in this work is in the public domain, with parameters being clearly described in Methods section of the associated Genome Report. If parameters were not detailed for a software, default parameters were used as suggested by the developer.

Related Data, Code & Protocols: Supplement for Melton et al., 2022

Associated Peer-Reviewed Manuscript: A haploid pseudo-chromosome genome assembly for a keystone sagebrush species of western North American rangelands

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